Wellspring Living

The mission, programs and partnerships allow Wellspring Living to continue serving and changing lives of young women impacted by Human Trafficking in our home city Atlanta, GA. 

As a Non-Profit, you rely on people to see, hear and connect with your movement. Our Video brings your voice and your vision together to create a feeling inside your viewer.


A feeling that drives volunteers to volunteer, donors to donate and those needing help to seek their way out of darkness. 

Public Health Solutions

Public Health Solutions was designed to assist people in finding their dream jobs in Public Health.

Donna Elliston approached us to help her promote her new Career Coaching Service. 

Georgia Festival of Tress

When you love spending time with family, creating a fun atmosphere and giving back to community, working towards a bigger picture isn't a task, it's pleasure. 

As you can see, telling the story of why, what, how and when, brings dreams to reality. 

This is what we do everyday and excited to assist your Non-Profit in expressing your vision!

Members Thrive

When explaining your services, it is important to relate your benefits in an easy to understand way. A confused mind does not buy.

2D Animated Video helps to paint the picture, of extensive solutions, in a fun and easily explained way.

Alimena Limousine & Worldwide Transportation

When you are selling an experience, take your customer there before they go.

Show them the fun, let them hear the excitement and allow them to feel the action!