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AUDI - Click Lane

Covid-19 created an opportunity for companies to get innovative in their approaches to continue serving their customers. Click Lane is an online car buying platform, brought to you by Asbury Automotive.


We pitched an idea to combine 3D Animation inside of a live video to strategically point our viewers attention onto the key element we're marketing - Click Lane.


This Ad was set to run on Facebook for 3 months. Within just 2 weeks it resulted in 45k views, over 10k unique website visits and 15 cars sold. At the end of 3 months, this campaign converted 90+ vehicles! 

Season of AUDI Sales Event 2020

Each year, Audi delivers an opportunity for customers to enjoy an amazing end of year sales event. 

Our Team captured the elegancy of Audi's vehicles and added a simple, but important feature - captions. Today, 90% of people spend 5 - 6 hrs/day on their phone and 85% of those people watch videos on silent.


This Ad was set to run on Facebook for 1 month, appearing in front of 9k+ people and resulting in 26 conversions! 

Mike Balog

Regional Vice President, Asbury Automotive Group

"Angelina is fantastic!! Extremely professional, well prepared, and very efficient! She over-delivered for Nalley Lexus Roswell!! We're excited to continue working with Angelina in the future!"

Andre Young
General Manager, Audi North Atlanta 

"Express Your Visions has played a big part in several of my stores successful digital campaigns. 

In my 30 years in the business, I haven't had the dedication or focus that I received with EYV. 

Their patience and creative eye has helped us rebound form the Covid slow down and rocked us into 2021!

The ability to bring ideas to video is something that takes skill, and more importantly caring. 

I am very excited to build on this relationship in the creative world!

Chris Wilkins
General Manager, Nalley Honda

"Thank you!

You do an amazing job and I appreciate you!!"

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